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Young Adventures

  • 11 helpers

Young Adventures we are a youth provision organisation for vulnerable children and young adults with or without additional or complex needs. Young Adventures take part in the Leicester Caribbean Carnival every year to start we worked alongside another organisation and we were down as Stewards of their troupe. Young Adventures is for the first time, is actually doing a T-shirt Mask Troupe for Leicester Caribbean Carnival.

Chloe-Lee Lorna Walker


Supports my organisation and and she goes round handle flyers out and putting them everywhere. Taking minutes at every AGM meetings.

Jessica Amanda Taylor (Jess)

Lead Mental Health

Jess helps and supports with what we do and provide mental health support to young individuals. Also helps on carnival day during the parade through the streets of Leicester

Miles John Sanders

Social Networking Events Officer

Miles help and support us with event planning and public Advertisement alongside our secretary and Publicity Officer

Sarah Leanne Fairall

Volunteer Youth Worker

Sarah helps the Youth Progress Coach support individuals in group sessions. Sarah also helps us on carnival day during the parade through the streets of Leicester

Fern Elizabeth Charlesworth

IT Technician

Fern is qualified in computing which lead her to Young Adventures, IT Technician and helps with making the right choices of work Laptops. Also she helps on carnival day during the parade.

Charlie Jean Chloe Mullins (CJ)

Youth Progress Coach

CJ is a volunteer for another charity, and she is one of our Youth Progress Coach

Jak Davis

Publicity Officer

Jak is Young Adventures Publicity Officer, which means he publicise Young Adventures along side our very own Secretary to make our service users know we do actually exist and what we offer.

Joshua Sean Farrell (Josh)

Youth Progress Coach

Josh Is a Youth Progress Coach for Young Adventures

Jo Anne Neville (JoJo)

Senior Managing Director

Jo as experience in the youth sector from when she was younger as she use to help her mum in Braunstone. Jo is now my third in command as senior managing Director if myself or the vice-chair is ill she steps in.

Please be aware she will be doing a lot of work under her position including interviews etc.

Ritesh Chouhan

Volunteer Youth Worker

Ritesh is a qualified Drawer, He is a volunteer youth worker for Young Adventures, he will help and support services users in the development and progress along side Youth Progress Coach.

Zainub Akona Blake (Zee)

Deputy Managing Dirctor (vice-Chair)

They are my second in command and support me in every decision I make.